Menorca has a population of 96,000, concentrated in the eight municipalitie: Mahon (administrative capital of the island), Ciutadella (the old capital), Alaior, Ferreries, Es Mercadal, Es Castell, Sant Lluís and Es Migjorn Great. There are three other towns, Sant Climent, Llucmaçanes and Fornells, the first two in the municipality of Mahon and the last in Es Mercadal. Maó Ciutadella to the east and west, are the two most populated villages of the island.

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Any of them has unique. So you can learn about this areas to know them better:


For centuries it was a coveted possession as the largest Mediterranean port. Leaning to it has grown a bright and bustling city that shows how life goes on around him. Some Menorca’s houses are built on the same cliff leaving odd shaped hollow viewpoint to share the incredible views of the wonder of nature in the form of Port Mahon.


Ciutadella is a gem stone. The stone you saw the stately facades of its palaces. Adoquinan stones dedicated lanes to the old patterns of the medieval guilds. The stones where the gargoyles were carved cathedral. Ciutadella stones tell a story of noble feudal, medieval traditionalism, and even Turkish pirates, and even then, the city has reinvented itself and set between these historic stones, design shops to buy, terraces to sit in any of its squares and varied cuisine in its secluded port.

That story and manners that are breathed in Ciutadella materialize every June 23 in the emblematic Fiestas de Sant Joan. Sant Joan is now a must for Minorcan and thousands of tourists who indulge in this warm and vibrant party where the Minorcan horse is the star event.


It’s the youngest municipality of Menorca, because until 1989 was part of Es Mercadal, but their neighbors have always had a strong sense of people. You could say that this quiet village keeps its narrow streets and the slow pace of its inhabitants. Strolling through the streets and along the beautiful country roads surrounding the town is a pleasure, but if you prefer beach, Es Migjorn has three little gems on the coast with which oblige: San Adeodato, Santo Tomas and Binigaus.


Family friendly villa, located on the way to Cala en Porter, Calescoves, Binidalí or Canutells, may be the ideal place to stop to taste some of the traditional tapas of Menorcan cuisine. On the outskirts of this town we can find numerous prehistoric sites like talaiot Torello, the basilica des Fornàs, the taula Talatí or taules of Binimaimut, so, although as people do not have more than 200 years, we can imagine that historically It has been one of the most populated areas of the island.


It is a small village in the middle of the field where the houses of neighbors lifelong mix with cottages restored to the new neighbors, mostly foreigners, who moved to this hidden corner in search of Mediterranean light and tranquility. The hospitable nature of its people can be seen especially in the many activities organized for their celebrations, Sant Gaietà, where in addition to the party with the horses, take dancing at their giant, proud to be the group most gegants Baleares


Located in the heart of the island, today Es Mercadal is the zone better transport links in Menorca. It is why in recent years has experienced the largest growth in population of the island. This white village at the foot of Monte Toro, has a varied and outstanding cuisine where to find the oldest of Menorca taste with traditional dishes masterfully for centuries in the interior of the island.


Es Castell is a lively village. Overlooking the largest natural harbor in the Mediterranean, its people have lived the port along its history. Es Castell has traditionally been a host village, hence its open and hospitable nature. From the highest points of the city we can see the huge fortress of La Mola overlooking the entrance on the north shore of the port of Mahon. From them we can contemplate two emblematic islet of Mahon harbor, spectacular when illuminated at night. This is Rei Island and Llatzaret.


Alaior defined itself as an industrial and university city. Host university extension of the UIB in Menorca has made this population, with outstanding milk and cheese industry, a young and dynamic city. Known is also the master of alaiorenses confectioners, who for generations have inherited art and creativity in candy. Alaior out, for example, the famous ice cream The Menorquina. Alaior grew around two churches: San Diego and Santa Eulalia, recently restored, with its charming courtyard with orange trees. No less interesting is a visit to the cloister bearing the suggestive name of El Pati de Sa Lluna.


Menorca gave fishermen a bay shelter from the north wind in the middle of north coast. This shelter is called Fornells. A charming fishing village that breathes landlocked between its whitewashed streets and pleasant promenade packed with restaurants. Delicious Fornells Bay is part of the Marine Reserve Menorca. To know her better, the village also offers a host of sporting activities such as diving, sailing and kayaking routes.


Ferreries is perhaps in the privacy of their streets, the missing link between that island living of costume jewelery and footwear industry, and that other Menorca today overturned tourism. Surrounded by young mountains looming above the houses flirty center, the town has grown within a small valley, with the noise of sewing machines leather craftsmen behind the windows. Today that work has moved to factories prestigious designer footwear firms that from Ferreries. Although Ferreries is located inside the coast of the municipality is one of the most beautiful place in the island. You can visit the Cala Galdana, built in which for many was, and remains. Its white cliff, falling with all its verticality on the sand, and, on the other flank, a small stream, small boat harbor, only make this cove.


Although they were only seven years, from 1756 to 1763, French domination of Menorca left a legacy in the form of white village that baptized San Luis, in honor of King Louis XV. About that time it dates the flagship mill greets us at the entrance of the village and which follows a row of low houses of Mediterranean stamp. But one of the main attractions of this city are definitely its coastal towns and beaches of fine white sand and turquoise water, Punta Prima, Binisafúller, Binibeca or Binidalí.